Are you the next JPOP Star that we are looking for?

World debut with 4 songs produced by Kenta Matsukuma

Debut live held at ZEPP KL

We offer luxurious prizes from our partners

Talent Ambassador for LaLaport BBCC

also known as 松隈ケンタ, is a well known Japanese music producer, composer and lyricist. Creator of SCRAMBLES and is actively involve in composing and producing music for various artist under the WACK label.

Songs Produced by Mr. Matsukuma

ATARASHII GAKKO! – 青春を切り裂く波動


BiSH / プロミスザスター

BiSH / in case… (Godzilla S.P Opening Thema)

1. When is the application period for this competition?

→ The application period commences on October 6th and concludes on November 20th.

2. How can applicants submit their entries? Is there a dedicated website for video submissions?

→ Applicants may enter their application via the provided Google form to submit their entries. They have the option to directly upload their video or provide a link to their song or dance on a social media platform.

3. Is this competition exclusively for female or male-only participants?

→ No, this competition is inclusive and welcomes both male and female participants.

4. Can participants submit multiple entries?

→ Each participant is limited to submitting a single entry.

5. Is this competition accepting entries in languages other than English, such as Malay, Chinese, Tamil, etc.?

→ This competition accepts entries in English only. While there are no nationality restrictions, participants should be capable of working in Malaysia and engaging in daily conversations in English.

6. Could you clarify the age requirement? In Malaysia, the minimum eligible age for participation is typically 18 and above.

→ The age requirement for this competition falls within the range of 18 to 29 years old. Additionally, participants should not be under contract with any specific entertainment agency.



(06 Oct – 20 Nov 2023)

Submit your audition here.


Audition 1

(25 – 26 Nov 2023)

First 100 successful participants


Audition 2

(16 Dec 2023)

Subsequent 50 successful participants



(23 Dec 2023)

Top 20 finalists perform live for judge Matsukuma Kenta at LaLaport BBCC